Artigo floors for offices ensure considerable reduction of noise due to treading, proving to be the ideal solution for nurseries. A 3 mm-thick floor achives reductionvalues up to 10 db, that go up to 20 db with our exclusive granito acoustic collection.

BS CLASSIC (Studded)

Solid colour round studded tiles. The classic rubber flooring.

Available in 20 colours, in both bright and neutral shades, BS Classic is suitable in almost any environment.


Artigo Kayar with its smooth, non-slip surface features a random distribution of coir coconut fibres, enabling a natural element to be incorporated into flooring design.

The perfect solution from Sterile Laboratories right through to Office Block Stairs.


Artigo Screed is the beauty of imperfection. A smooth and hard wearing rubber flooring product that mimics the sophisticated look of painted concrete.

The number one choice for product on any Project where a Concrete look may be required and still offers the outstanding advantage of rubber flooring.


Artigo Zero.4 provides a fresh take on traditional studded rubber flooring. Its design features a random pattern, with four different sized studs, that creates a strong visual impact.

An ideal choice for Educational and Commercial Facilities right through to Airport and Train Stations.

Granito (Smooth)

Artigo Granito is a bold and luxurious commercial rubber flooring solution. Its smooth, non-slip surface features a pattern of accentuated multi-coloured granules, reminiscent of a granite effect.

range of applications such as Libraries, Museums, Retail Spaces, Education Facilities and Office Blocks.

Uni (Smooth)

Artigo UNI is a smooth, solid-colour commercial rubber flooring solution. Free from textures, studs or accents and provides a strong and even architectural finish.

Artigo UNI is ideal for Office/Retail Spaces, Schools/Universities,
Cinemas, Theatres and Museums.

Natura (SMOOTH)

Innovative rubber flooring with smooth surface and linear marbling. A highly versatile solution for Hospitals, Labaratories, Schools/Universities, Libraries/Museums, Offices and Retail Spaces.

GRAIN (Smooth)

Artigo Grain is a high impact commercial rubber flooring
solution. Its smooth, non-slip surface features a contrasting pattern of multi-coloured granules that add depth and visual impact to any space.


Artigo Rigato is a hard-wearing commercial and industrial rubber flooring solution with a distinctive ribbed profile.

Available in grey or black, its fire, slip and stain resistant qualities make it an ideal choice for areas subject to heavy foot traffic and regular impact.


Artigo Zeus is the ideal choice as a resilient covering in extremely high traffic areas such as Airports and Educational facilities.

Artigo Zeus is available in Tile form with a hammered texture surface in 16 modern stylish colours
For more inspiration check out the Artigo ebooks

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